• 03/28/2023
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Indoor Range

 March 28th at the Indoor Range we will have a 22 Pistol rimfire match, all members are welcomed. This is a one-night of competition for "BRAGGING RIGHTS" and cash prizes. Match will start at 5:00 pm and end about 7 pm. In case of a tie the shooter with the most X's wins if no X's then we will have a shoot-off




TIME: 5:00 P.M.  Tuesday night (One night only)   COST: $5.00 for One gun ONLY                    


            All shooters must wear eye and ear protection.  All firearms will be empty with the slides back and magazines out or cylinders open except when instructed to load on the firing line.


            This Match is open to 22 rimfire only handguns. You can shoot either revolvers or semi-automatics.  Any sights, including telescopic and Red Dots, are permitted. Any sighting device programmed to activate the firing mechanism is prohibited.  Handguns may be fired using either a two hand or one hand grip.


            Shooters will fire a total of 40 rounds at three different targets: Slow Fire, Timed Fire and Rapid-Fire Targets.

1.      Slow Fire – Shooter’s will have ten minutes to fire ten rounds at the slow fire target. You will shoot this course of fire two times for a total of 20 rounds. Range Commands will be given for each segment.

2.      Timed Fire - Shooters will have a total of 20 seconds to fire 10 rounds at the timed fire target. 

3.      Rapid Fire – Shooters will be given a total of 10 seconds to fire 10 rounds at the rapid-fire target.


            Prior to shooting the relay, shooters will write their name and circle 'Slow', 'Timed', or Rapid Fire' on each target. The range officer shall designate an official scorer. This individual will score all targets except his own.

            A shot hole, the leading edge of which comes in contact with the outside of the bullseye or scoring rings of a target, is given the highest value.  As a general rule, only those hits which are visible will be scored. An exception will be made in the case where the grouping of 3 or more shots is so close that it is possible for a required shot or shots to have gone through the enlarged hole without leaving a mark and there has been no evidence that a shot or shots have gone elsewhere than through the assigned target. In such case, the shooters will be given the benefit of the doubt and scored hits for the nonvisible shots, on the assumption they passed through the enlarged hole. If such an assumption could place a nonvisible hit in either of 2 scoring rings, it shall be scored in the higher-valued ring.

            The range officer shall have the final authority if any scoring issues arise.  Results will be posted on the Score Board. 


            Shooters will be classified at the end of the competition, for example, if we have 21 competitors the top 7 scores will be the top class, the next 7 scores will be the middle class and the final 7 scores will make up the last class. Cash payout will be 50% /30% / 20% of the cash for each class. The number of classes will be based on the number of shooters, minimum of 5 shooters per class. 

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